Here you can find a variety of items relating to enjoying and managing your woodland resource.

Seeing the Forest for The Trees

Join OSU's Kathy Smith for this video presentation on how to plan to manage your woodland and the practices that can help make it happen.  This video covers TSI, crop tree management and the methods than can be used to accomplish your management objectives.  Click the image to access the video.

What Can a Fungus Tell You About Your Woods?

Join OSU's Erika Lyon and explore your woodland from the fungi that inhabit it.  Click the image to access the video.



Silvopasture Systems

This article from SENR's forestry faculty member Dr. Roger Williams explores the practice of silvopasture - combining growing quality trees within a pasture system.  Access the article here.


Galls and Tree ID

This article from OSU's Joe Boggs shows how sometimes the galls that form on tree leaves can be a big help when trying to identify that tree.  Read the article here.


Woodland Wonders: Understory Edibles

Explore our woodland understory plants with this great article from OSU Extension's Beth Scheckelhoff.  Learn about the edible side of woodland understory plants.  To access the article click on the image.



Practical Soils: What's Beneath Your Feet

Join Ohio State's Joe Boggs as he walks you through some soil basics and why soils are so important to forests.  Click on the image to access the presentation.



History of Ohio's Forests

This video covers Ohio's forests from the late 1700's to today.  Join Ohio State's Kathy Smith to learn a little history and see what are forests are like today.  Click on the image to access the video.


Celebrate Arbor Day With Horned Oak Galls

Tree galls always generate a lot of questions from woodland owners.  Here Ohio State's Joe Boggs explores the horned oak gall.  Click on the image to access this BYGL original article.



Woodland Wonders: A Tale of Two Vines

Do you ever confuse Poison Ivy with Virginia Creeper? Ohio State's Beth Scheckelhoff is back again with a detailed article on the characterisitcs of these two common woodland vines. Click the image to access this article that was posted to BYGL.

A Woodland Wildflower Wonderland

Spring is a great time to be in the woods.  Check out this article from Ohio State's Beth Scheckelhoff and enjoy!  Click the image to access this article that was posted to BYGL.


Thinking of Selling Timber?

Join Ohio State's Dave Apsley to learn about the process of selling timber and what you need to know.  Click on the image to watch the video.


Quick and Dirty Ohio Tree ID

Watch as we take you through some key characteristics that will help you with your tree ID skills.  Click on the image to watch this video.



Identification and Ecology of Morels and Friends

Enjoy this video from OSU Extension's Erika Lyon that explores the ecology and identifcation of morel mushrooms.  It is the season!  View the video by clicking on the image.



Green "Ramping Up" all over NE Ohio Forests

This spring there is a lot of green on the forest floor.  Some of it good and some of it bad.  Enjoy this article on the spring emergence of ramps via Erik Draper, OSU Horticultural Specialst in Geauga County and BYGL.  Click on the image to access the article.



Forestry and Natural Resources Webinars

Looking for some online content with topics that cover a range of forestry and natural resource related content?  The Forestry and Natural Resources Webinar Portal has a list of upcoming webinars along with an archive of topics they have covered in the past.  This webinar portal offers something for everyone.  Click on the logo to enter the site.


Tick News!

Ticks - something we all need to pay attention to.  Tick news gives you an up to date look at what you need to know about ticks.  Click on the image to watch the video from Ashley Kulhanek, Medina County Extension Educator.


Forest Insect Pests - A Bugwood App

The photos present in this App are intended to help foresters, urban landscaping employees, or others working with trees recognize some of the common pest insects affecting trees in North America and understand their life cycles and how they damage trees.  Go to the Bugwood download page by clicking on the image.  There is also a companion web page available here.