Ohio Woodlands, Water and Wildlife

The Ohio Woodland Stewards newsletter, Ohio Woodlands, Water and Wildlife, is produced three times a year. It provides subcribers with updates on the latest issues related to woodland management, including insect and disease or invasive plant issues. Articles are also geared towards expanding a readers knowledge base on a wide variety of topics related to our Ohio woodlands and the management and care of them. Subscribers can access the newsletter online at any time. When new issues are released it is available in either hard copy or electronic - just let us know which version you would like to receive.

  1. Winter 2015 Ohio Woodland Water and Wildlife

    December 22,

    The Winter 2015 edition of the Ohio Woodland Water and Wildlife newsletter is here! Here is what is inside: Your Pond and Surviving an Ohio Winter Looking for Survivor Ash in Southeastern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio Critter Corner: Return of the Monarch Ohio to Host 2015 Ohio River Valley Woodland and Wildlife Workshop 2015 Maple Meeting Dates 2015 Calendar Information
  2. Fall 2014 Ohio Woodlands Water & Wildlife

    August 25,

    In this edition of the newsletter: Once again we feature this years schedule for the Gwynne Conservation Area during the 2014 Farm Science Review. The Review is September 16, 17, 18 at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center outside of London, OH Critter Corner this edition turns our attention to weasels! Technology at Your Fingertips! Changes in the Program Mark Your Calendars for some 2015 events.
  3. Spring 2014 Ohio Woodlands Water & Wildlife

    June 3,

    In this Spring/Summer edition of the newsletter: Outlook for Ash in Your Forest: Results of Emerald Ash Borer Research and Implications for Management Wood Your Know - Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Critter Corner: It's Newt Another Species! Upcoming Classes include Chainsaw Safety
  4. Winter 2014 Ohio Woodlands Water & Wildlife

    December 17,

    In this Winter 2014 edition of the Ohio Woodlands, Water and Wildlife newsletter read more about: Winter Wildlife Signs Ohio's Newest Invasive: Thousand Cankers Disease Ohio Maple Days Critter Corner: Winter Blues - Do Bluebirds Migrate? 2014 Ohio River Valley Woodland & Wildlife Workshop
  5. Fall 2013 Woodlands Water & Wildlife

    August 26,

    The Fall edition of the Ohio Woodlands Water & Wildlife newsletter is now available. Inside this edition you will find articles on: Protect Yourself Against Timber Theft 2013 Gwynne Conservation Area - Schedule of Events Wild Turkey and Ruffed Grouse Brood Survey USDA Observes August as Tree Check Month