Ohio Woodlands, Water and Wildlife

The Ohio Woodland Stewards newsletter, Ohio Woodlands, Water and Wildlife, is produced three times a year. It provides subcribers with updates on the latest issues related to woodland management, including insect and disease or invasive plant issues. Articles are also geared towards expanding a readers knowledge base on a wide variety of topics related to our Ohio woodlands and the management and care of them. Subscribers can access the newsletter online at any time. When new issues are released it is available in either hard copy or electronic - just let us know which version you would like to receive.

  1. Fall Ohio Woodlands Water and Wildlife

    July 30,

    In this issue: Improve your spotted lanternfly identification skills Sudden oak death in Ohio 2019 Gwynne Conservation Area talk schedule Wildlife updates
  2. Winter Ohio Woodlands Water and Wildlife

    December 20,

    In this issue: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Impacts on Birds, 2019 Ohio Maple Days Schedule, Does Resource Abundance Always Lead to a Strong Forestry Sector?, Seasonality of Nature: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
  3. Summer Ohio Woodlands Water and Wildlife

    May 25,

    In this edition learn more about oak wilt in Ohio and what you can do about it. We introduce you to Camp Canopy! Read what Ohio's new invasive plant law is all about.
  4. Winter Ohio Woodlands Water and Wildlife

    January 3,

    This edition of the newsletter sheds some light on the importance of oak, and introduces the new estate planning document available for woodland owners. Our wildlife focus is on beaver for this edition. And last but not least meet our newest team member Dr. Sayeed Mehmood, Natural Resource Economist.
  5. Ohio Woodland Water and Wildlife Fall Newsletter

    August 24,

    The latest edition of the Ohio Woodland Water and Wildlife newsletter is here. In this edition learn more about where your logs go when you have a timber harvest. Be on the lookout for issues with spice bush. Check out the schedule of talks being held at the Gwynne Conservation Area during Farm Science Review - Sept. 19-21.