Woodland Wisdom: Learn to Balance What You Have with What You Want

Calling all woodland owners!  

We invite you to participate in an upcoming 8-session webinar and online course designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize your property.  Whether your're a seasoned land steward or just starting your journey as a woodland owner, this comprehensive program will offer valuable insights and practical guidance to maximize the potential of your land.  This course has live webinars that will take place Tuesday's from 6-8 pm starting August 20th and ending December 3rd.

Schedule of Topics

8/20 - Getting to Know Your Woods

9/03 - The Basics of Woodland Management

9/17 - No Class  Option to visit the Gwynee Conservation Area at Farm Science Review

10/1  - Stream Side Management & Vernal Pools

10/15 - Tree ID, Invasive Species Management

11/15 - Alternative Forest Products: Mushrooms, Syrup and More!

11/19 - Wildlife & Your Woods - from Bird to Bugs

12/3 - Trails and Timber