Wildlife Management

Are you a woodland owner interested in attracting wildlife to your property? Do you want to attract deer and turkey? Do you enjoy watching birds? Are you interested providing habitat for pollinators? No matter your interest, Ohio Woodland Stewards offers a variety of wildlife classes to help landowners focus their goals and objectives to target the desired wildlife species.

Did you know?          Roughly 60% of the 175 birds that nest in Ohio are dependant on forest habitat.

We offer several classes on woodland wildlife management such as The Wildlife in Your Woods and Forest Food for Wildlife, as well as classes geared towards certain species such as Bats: Not Just for Caves, Anymore. We also offer introductory classes to wildlife management, such as What Can You Do With Your Woods. Some wildlife species require habitat types in addition to woodlands, such as grasslands. Our Grasslands for Wildlife class will teach you how to establish and manage grasslands for turkey, deer, quail, pheasant, and songbirds.

Don't see a class offered in your area or want one to cover different topics? Let us know!  We work with cooperators around the state to host classes and are always open to new ideas and suggestions.