The goal of the Ohio Woodland Stewards Program is to provide woodland owners with a wide variety of forestry skills that they then can apply to their own property. The knowledge gained through these programs will lead woodland owners into making better informed decisions when it comes to taking care of their woodland acreage.

The effort of producing newsletters, web pages and a variety of classes is not an easy one. Without the collaboration of all the members of the Woodland Stewards Team, these things would not be possible.

Program Committee

Kathy Smith
OSU Extension
Program Director - Forestry
OWS Program Coordinator

Dave Apsley
OSU Extension
Natural Resource Specialist

Gary Graham
OSU Extension
Natural Resource Specialist

Stan Gehrt
OSU Extension
State Specialist, Wildlife

Marne Titchenell
OSU Extension
Wildlife Program Specialist

Barry Ward
OSU Extension
Leader, Production Business Management

Brad Perkins
Executive Director,
Ohio Forestry Association

Bob Mulligan
Resource Management Specialist,
Ohio Division of Forestry

Lee Crocker
Wild Turkey Federation

Amy Stone
OSU Extension Educator
Lucas County

Cotton Randall
ODNR - Division of Forestry

Ashley Kulhanek
OSU Extension Educator
Medina County

Alexis Londo
OSU Extension
Geospatial Systems